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How do I get reviewed?
Can I invite someone to review me ?
What happened after someone reviewed me ?
Can I delete a review ?
Are reviews verified by Legaaly?

Claim a profile

How do I claim my profile ?
Is it free to claim a profile ?
Why should I claim my profile ?
Do I have to be Premium to claim my profile ?
How will I have access to my profile ?


What is Legaaly Premium?
Do I have to be Premium to use Legaaly?
How much does Legaaly Premium cost ?
How can I upgrade to Legaaly?
Do I have to pay for a whole year at a time?
How can I cancel my subscription ?
Can I still use Legaaly if I have cancelled my subscription ?

Leads on Legaaly

What is a lead ?
How can I receive leads ?
Do I have to be Premium to receive leads ?
Can I choose what kind of lead I want to receive ?
Do I have to pay any extra to receive leads ?
How do I see the leads I received ?
Can I choose how much leads I want to receive ?
Can I stop receiving leads ?


How do I pay on Legaaly?
Can I contest an invoice ?
How can I access my invoices ?
What is the delay to pay my invoices ?
How does Legaaly send its invoices ?

About Legaaly

Who started Legaaly?
What are Legaaly's values?
Is every Dutch lawyer on Legaaly?
Who is the target audience of Legaaly?
Why is my review not yet published on Legaaly?
Can lawyers reserve themselves from appearing on Legaaly?
How can I make my profile more visible on Legaaly?